Top 10 Games Like Small World Board Game

Games Like Small World Board Game

Are you a fan of interactive and inventive board games like Small World? If so, this guide offers you various options that you can play with your friends and have lots of fun! Small World is a board game created by Philippe Keyaerts and published in 2009 by Days of Wonder. It’s a reworking of Vinci board game also designed …

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Top 10 Games like Pandemic – Our Top Selection

Games like Pandemic

  Pandemic is a cooperative board game that was developed by Matt Leacock. It was first published by Z-Man Games in 2008 in the US. The title’s premise is simple: Four diseases have emerged globally, with each of them threatening to wipe out a region. If you find Pandemic fascinating and have made some progress in the expansions, then it’s time to get a new co-op …

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Games like Exploding Kittens – Our Top Selection 2021

Games like Exploding Kittens

Referred to as a “strategic card game about cats & destruction”, Exploding Kittens was designed by Matthew Inman and Elan Lee. It was initially proposed as a Kickstarter project that sought $10,000 in crowdfunding, an amount it exceeded in eight minutes. Exploding Kittens is a fast, entertaining game which can be addictive. However, you may get bored after playing it …

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Games like Cards against Humanity

games like card games against humanity

Also called CAH, Cards against Humanity is no doubt one of the most popular card games today. Its design draws inspiration from the innocent Apples to Apples. And its gameplay shares many similarities with the title. However, CAH adds a black comedy twist. Even though it provides hours of fun, the game can become boring at …

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Games like Clue

games like clue

Over the past 15 years, the board game market has witnessed several games like Clue getting published in the mystery or murder segment. Keep reading if you’re looking for similar games to Clue. Originally called Cluedo, Clue is a classic title from 1949 and a popular option in the board game genre. It’s a murder mystery game for 3 …

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Games like Pictionary – Best Alternatives For You in 2021

games like pictionary

  Pictionary is a classic party game that involves communicating in other ways apart from speaking. It’s a charades-inspired word-guessing game, which was invented by Robert Angel in collaboration with graphic design by Gary Everson. If, for one reason or the other, you’re searching for games like Pictionary, then you’ve come to the right page. …

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Games like Monopoly – The Best Alternatives

games like monopoly

An undeniable fact is that Monopoly is one of the most well-known games available on the market. The game is known for its economic concept — monopoly, which means the ability to dominate the market. People’s love for the title has made them search for similar games with the same or closely related premi The …

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