Phasmophobia: All Tarot Cards Locations And Their Uses

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Tarot Cards Phasmophobia

If you’ve ever wandered through the haunted halls of Phasmophobia, you know that every detail can be the difference between capturing evidence or ending up as ghost fodder. One of the most intriguing additions to the game is the tarot cards. As an experienced gamer and writer, I’ve delved deep into the mysteries of these cards. So, let’s dive into what the tarot cards do in Phasmophobia, how they work, and much more.

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What Do the Tarot Cards Do in Phasmophobia?

Tarot cards in Phasmophobia are mysterious items that can dramatically alter the course of your investigation. Each card has a unique effect, which can either help you or spell your doom.

When you draw a card, you activate its power, which can range from boosting your sanity to triggering a hunt.

How Many Tarot Cards Are There in Phasmophobia?

The tarot card deck in Phasmophobia consists of ten unique cards, each with distinct effects. Knowing each card’s potential outcome can help you strategize.

  1. The Sun
  2. The Moon
  3. The Tower
  4. The Devil
  5. Death
  6. The Hanged Man
  7. The Hermit
  8. The Wheel of Fortune
  9. The High Priestess
  10. The Fool
Tarot cards in Phasmophobia
All Tarot cards in Phasmophobia

For your convenience, I’ve compiled an elaborative table to make it easier to understand:

Tarot CardEffectWhen to UsePossible Locations
The SunRestores sanity to 100%Use when your team’s sanity is low to regain control.High activity areas, living rooms, near ghost orbs
The MoonDrops sanity to 0%Use with caution; only when ready to trigger other events.Basements, attics, and rooms with low light
The TowerTriggers a ghost interactionUse to gather evidence or confirm ghost location.Kitchens, dining areas, near EMF 5 activity boards
The DevilTriggers a ghost eventUse to provoke the ghost for photos or evidence.Bedrooms, near ghost event hotspots
DeathTriggers a cursed huntAvoid unless you want a challenge or are well-prepared.Hallways, staircases, central locations in large maps
The Hanged ManKills the player who drew the card instantlyAvoid drawing this card; it is always risky.Bathrooms, small closets, enclosed spaces
The HermitTraps the ghost in its room for a periodUse to safely explore or complete objectives.Libraries, studies, areas with voodoo dolls
The Wheel of FortuneReduces or increases sanity based on color (green/red)Use when feeling lucky; be prepared for any outcome.Random rooms, near windows, or mirrors
The High PriestessRevives a dead teammateUse immediately after a teammate’s death for revival.Bedrooms, near personal belongings, or photos
The FoolAppears as another card, then has no effectExpect it anytime; no strategic use.Appears in any location, often replacing other card spots

Tips for Finding Tarot Cards:

  • Search Thoroughly: Always check rooms with high ghost activity first, as these often hide multiple cursed items.
  • Check Furniture: Look in drawers, on shelves, and behind objects. Tarot cards can be hidden in plain sight.
  • High Activity Areas: Start your search in rooms where ghost orbs are detected or where EMF readings are high.
  • Enclosed Spaces: Don’t forget to check small, enclosed spaces like closets and bathrooms, which can hide cards.
  • Random Spawns: Tarot cards can appear anywhere, so be thorough and methodical in your search.

I usually start my search in the rooms where ghost orbs are detected since these areas often hide other cursed items like the music box or the voodoo doll.

Here are a few tips to use these cards for the maximum benefits:

  • The Sun: Best used when multiple team members have low sanity.
  • The Moon: Use with extreme caution, ideally when near safety.
  • The Tower and The Devil: Ideal when gathering evidence, but ensure safety measures are in place.
  • Death: Only draw if you are prepared to handle a cursed hunt, such as having a hiding spot ready.
  • The Hanged Man: This card is highly dangerous; always be aware of the risk.
  • The Hermit: Useful for completing tasks without ghost interference.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: A gamble—use if you feel your luck is in.
  • The High Priestess: Essential for reviving fallen teammates, use immediately when needed.
  • The Fool: Be wary of its deceptive nature; it adds an element of surprise.

How Do Tarot Cards Work in Phasmophobia?

When you find a deck, you can draw cards one at a time. Each draw comes with a risk, as the effects are entirely random. Here’s how they work in Phasmophobia:

  • Pick up the deck and use the interact button to draw a card.
  • Each card has a unique design, making it easy to identify.
  • The moment you draw a card, its effect is applied instantly.

From my experience, it’s best to use tarot cards when you have a clear escape route. I once drew The Hanged Man and learned the hard way that you should always be prepared for the worst.

These cards can be the key to your success or the harbinger of your demise. During one session, drawing The High Priestess brought a teammate back to life, turning the tide in our favor.

How to Use Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia

Using tarot cards effectively requires both bravery and strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the most of these enigmatic items.

Tarot Card in Phasmophobia
Tarot Card in Phasmophobia
  1. Locate the Deck: Search the haunted location thoroughly.
  2. Gather the Team: Ensure everyone is ready for the potential effects.
  3. Draw a Card: Use the interact button to draw a card from the deck.
  4. React Quickly: Be prepared to react to whatever effect the card activates.
  5. Repeat if Necessary: Draw additional cards if you’re feeling daring.

Using tarot cards can be a thrilling yet dangerous endeavor. I suggest only drawing cards when you’re confident in your escape routes and team coordination.

Phasmophobia’s Tarot Cards Meaning

Each tarot card in Phasmophobia has a specific meaning that influences your game. Understanding these meanings can help you anticipate their effects and plan accordingly. Let me try to explain:

  • The Sun: A beacon of hope, restoring sanity completely.
  • The Moon: A plunge into madness, reducing sanity to zero.
  • The Tower: Expect chaos as it triggers a ghost interaction.
  • The Devil: Prepare for a scare with a ghost event.
  • Death: Face the ultimate challenge with a cursed hunt.
  • The Hanged Man: Instant death for the unlucky player.
  • The Hermit: Temporarily traps the ghost, providing a brief respite.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: A gamble with sanity, which can either be positive (green) or negative (red).
  • The High Priestess: A miracle card, reviving a dead teammate.
  • The Fool: A deceptive card that pretends to be another card before revealing itself as The Fool with no effect.

Understanding these meanings not only adds depth to your gameplay but can also help you make strategic decisions. For instance, knowing that The Sun can restore sanity might prompt you to use the cards when your team is on the brink of madness.


Tarot cards add a layer of unpredictability and excitement to the game. From my personal experience, mastering these cards can turn a dire situation into a victorious one, or vice versa. Remember to use them wisely, understand their meanings, and always be prepared for the unexpected.

By integrating knowledge about the tarot cards with other elements of the game like the EMF 5 activity board and ghost orbs, you can become a more effective ghost hunter. Happy ghost hunting!


What do the tarot cards do?

Tarot cards trigger random effects that can either help or hinder your investigation, ranging from restoring sanity to causing instant death.

How do tarot cards work in Phasmophobia’s environment?

You draw cards one by one, each activating its specific effect immediately upon being drawn.

How many tarot cards are there in Phasmophobia?

There are ten unique tarot cards in the game, each with distinct effects.

How to find tarot cards?

Tarot cards spawn randomly in haunted locations, often in areas with high ghost activity.

How to use tarot cards?

Locate the deck, gather your team, draw cards, and be prepared to react to their effects quickly.

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