GTA 5: How To Move Cars Between Garages

Feeling a bit lost on how to move cars between garages in Gta 5 online? Don't Worry, I've got the solution for you

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GTA 5: How To Move Cars Between Garages
Key Takeaways
  • To transfer your car from one garage to another there are various methods but I have chosen only Three methods for your convenience.
  • To move your car into other garages, make sure you have an extra garage available; if not, you should buy one.
  • The first step to moving your car from one garage is to contact your mechanic via the D-Pad and request him to transfer your car to the new location.
  • However, another method is to move your car into CEO garages, where you will get three floors for parking purposes.
  • Another process is you can drive your car into the Garage by yourself.

Shuffling cars between garages is a key strategy in GTA 5. However, mastering the process can be tricky without the right know-how. Therefore, I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide that covers all the essential information on how to move cars between garages in GTA 5.

You can transfer your car to other garages through various methods. However, for that, it is necessary to have reserve garages. Therefore, I highly recommend you buy a good garage by using in-game money. A garage that can store up to 60 cars is also a type of investment in Grand Theft Auto Online.

I’ve listed below some easy and convenient methods for moving your cars between garages in GTA 5:

  • Moving your car by calling the mechanic
  • Moving Cars into CEO Garage
  • Moving your car by driving it yourself into a garage.

Moving Cars By Calling The Mechanic

In GTA 5 online, you can move your cars between garages by calling the mechanic. Even though this method is quick; if you want to do it more conveniently, you should try it in multiplayer.

Calling the Mechanic to move a car between garages.
Calling Mechanic in GTA 5
  1. In GTA 5, you must leave your garage and travel to where you would like your car delivered.
  2. Afterward, you have to use your D-Pad and call your mechanic.
  3. While calling your mechanic, you must choose your location on the map and select the car you want to deliver.
  4. When you choose your preferred car, it will be delivered somewhere near you, but you have to wait for approximately 30 to 45 seconds.
  5. Once you get your car, drive it to the garage.

Similarly, if you want to move more cars, you have to repeat that process. However, keep in mind that repeating the process once or twice will delay your delivery time. But if you want the moving process to be quicker, I recommend that you choose your delivery location near the garage.

Moving Cars Into CEO Garages

As we move forward, I will discuss CEO garages. CEO garages have three floors dedicated solely to parking cars and bikes. In my opinion, CEO garages are an excellent choice if you wish to park 40 or more cars. This method is relatively simple, except for moving your car from one garage to another in a completely different building.

To do so, you must follow all the steps that I’ve listed below:

  • First, you must find a blue circle on all three floors of the CEO garage.
  • However, once you have found the Blue Circle, stepping into that circle will open a menu from which you can select the car you want to transfer.
  • Once you have opened the menu to select the car, PlayStation players should click the square button on their console, and Xbox players should click the X button on their consoles.
  • Upon selecting your car, you will see another menu on your screen showing the list of three garages. Your next step will be to select the car you wish to transfer and where it should be parked.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will successfully move your car to the CEO garage in GTA 5. Similarly, if you want to transfer more cars, the process is the same for all consoles. The only difference you will face is with the controls on various consoles.

Remember to always check that you have extra space for cars in your garage while moving cars from one garage to another. However, if you don’t and your garage is full, it will automatically transfer your car to another garage with space.

But if all your garages are fully loaded and you still try to adjust your car, you will lose your car without any warning. So be aware of this while moving your cars between garages.

Moving Cars By Driving Yourself Into A Garage

Transferring a car by driving yourself into a garage in GTA 5 will take a lot of time, but the reason behind adding it to my guide is that this process is easy. You don’t have to call someone or do anything to move your car from one garage to another. However, to perform this process, you must ensure that you are in the story mode of GTA 5.

First, you must select your route to where you wish to transfer your car. Choose the easy route with less traffic. Moreover, make sure the place is not far from you. Once you are done with your navigation, enter your car and drive it to your destination. With this process, you can move cars between garages easily in GTA 5; although it is time-consuming, it still helps you complete your job.

GTA 5 How to move cars between garages.
Driving the car yourself into a garage.

My Thoughts

I think moving cars between garages involves a basic understanding of the game dynamics. Then, again, the game has a whole world inside it, and not everyone can grasp all its features at once. This was a little effort from my side to break down the process into easier parts, and I hope it was helpful for you.

Unlocking a new protagonist is another feature that many beginners have difficulty grasping. Here is my little effort to make it easy for you guys:

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