GTA 5: How To Unlock Trevor Philips

Embark on a comprehensive guide to Unlock Trevor Philips in GTA V.

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Trevor Philips in GTA V (Image Credits: Gamesphile).
Key Takeaways
  • First, you must complete the main storyline, in which you have to get access to Michael's house.
  • Then, to unlock Trevor Philips as your permanent character, you must reach rank 13 and complete Mr. Philips Heist of The Jewel Store.
  • During the mission, you have to get rid of the Lost MC Bikers gang and Push Ortega's trailer into the river.

Confused on how to unlock Trevor Philips in GTA 5? I’ve got you covered. Here is my step-by-step guide to unlocking the iconic protagonist in the game.

In GTA V, you can play as three characters:
  • Franklin
  • Michael
  • Trevor

While Franklin and Michael are available from the outset, you must follow the game’s storyline to unlock Trevor Philips. However, if you desire to unlock him in the initial phases of the game, you must follow specific steps. I will delineate those steps in this guide for you to unlock Trevor Philips in GTA 5.

GTA 5’s Storyline

Start your GTA 5 journey by finishing the Prologue, which introduces the characters and lays the foundation for the main storyline. In the initial phase, you will step into the shoes of Michael and Franklin while also gaining a glimpse into Trevor’s intriguing past. This early exposure will help you understand the characters better as the story unfolds.

However, following the prologue, you must complete some missions while playing as Michael and Franklin. While completing missions and progressing through the game narrative, you will visit Michael’s house disguised as Franklin. If some of you haven’t accessed Michael’s house, then it is recommended that you complete Lester’s early missions.

Michael is another exciting protagonist in GTA 5. If you want to know more about him, I recommend checking our guide on GTA 5: How old is Michael?

Jewel’s Store Heist To Unlock Trevor In GTA 5

Once you have reached Michael’s house, you must lay the foundation to complete Mr. Philips Heist’s mission, in which you will rob a jewelry store. But to enter the store, you must buy an expensive suit for Michael.

Unlock Trevor Philips in GTA 5
Mr. Philips Heist Job (Image Credits: Gamesphile).

Upon completion of the mission, make sure to watch the cutscenes at Michael’s residence. It is here that Trevor Philips’s character will be unveiled.

During that, you will unlock another mission for Trevor Philips Industries. In this mission, you will experience Trevor Philips’s entrance into the game as a playable character, which you can equip from the character’s switch menu.

To access the character’s menu, you have to press the ALT key on your console and then move your mouse left or right to choose your character.

Character Trevor Philips
Trevor in GTA V (Image Credits: Gamesphile).

However, the primary goal of Mr. Philip’s mission was to eliminate all the bikers of Lost MC Gang. During the chase, you have to aim to cause a lot of damage to Ortega’s trailer. During that chase, you have to forcefully push the trailer into the nearby river.

My Opinion

Trevor is easily my favorite protagonist in this series. His unpredictable behavior and sociopathic tendencies made him a fan favorite.

Also, his unique ability to have a violent temperament allows him to inflict double damage on his enemies, but at the same time, he exhibits remarkable resilience, enduring only half of the damage while facing attacks. I think his character is a perfect representative of the game’s criminal vibe.

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