How to Play Mario Kart Drinking Game

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know about Mario Kart — but whether you’re familiar with the title or not, let’s show you how to play Mario Kart drinking game. While this Nintendo’s kart racing game has been around for a long time now, did you know that it actually doubles as a hilarious …

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Washer Toss Game Guide

Also called Washers or Washer Pitching, this title is a cool way to entertain your family and friends; here, in today’s Washer Toss game guide, you can find all the information you need to enjoy the pastime. It’s a fairly simple game that’s fun for players of all ages and shares striking similarities with other …

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Farkle Rules and Gameplay Guide

Farkle Rules and instructions

This title is the perfect dice game for families and friends — let’s explore Farkle rules and gameplay guide. The basics of this pastime are more than die rolling or trying to be the first player. It’s a fast-paced recreation that’s entertaining and can be played by persons of all ages. Furthermore, this classic game …

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Liverpool Rummy Rules and Instructions

This title is a multi-player card game similar to other rummy variants but with purchasing and going out aspects; let’s explore Liverpool Rummy rules. The game is played in a similar way as the contract rummy, with one exception. If a participant cuts the precise amount of cards necessary to deal with a hand and …

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Great Games Gift Ideas 2021

Great games gift ideas 2021

Gifts for gamers can be difficult to come by; fortunately, this guide explores great games gift ideas 2021. The difficulty in deciding which games to choose as a present for your buddy is mainly due to the fact that new PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles are still challenging to locate in stock even a year …

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