Rise Of Ronin Cancelled In South Korea Following Dev Controversy

Rise of Ronin might not rise in Korea after all.

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Rise of Ronin
Key Takeaways
  • Rise of Ronin cancelled for South Korea confirmed by game's director Fumuhiko Yasuda.
  • Sony has not yet confirmed the reason of cancellation.
  • It is speculated that it might be due to dev's controversial remarks regarding Shoin Yoshida, a scholar who inspired supporters of Imperial Japan.

Team Ninja’s latest venture for PlayStation 5 Rise of Ronin is cancelled in South Korea. As reported by Eurogamer via Ruliweb, a Korean community website the PS5 exclusive will not be coming to market as a boxed release or even available to buy on the PlayStation store.

Rise of Ronin
Rise of Ronin

Not only was the game pulled from the store but the several promo videos were also taken down from the Sony YouTube channel for Korea.

The reason for canceling Rise of Ronin in South Korea by Sony is not yet known. However, it has been speculated that the cancelation was probably tied to the game director Fumuhiko Yasuda’s comments about scholar Shoin Yasuda who played a major role in the Meiji Restoration to bring imperial rule back to Japan.

Even though it was rejected at the time, Japan still conquered and took control of Korea ruling it for the next 35 years.  This made Yoshida a very controversial figure in Korea and his inclusion in Rise is Ronin sparked debates. The game director Yasuda compared Yoshida to Socrates remarking the fact that he wanted to implement his teachings while working on the game.

Many Koreans have urged fellow gamers to boycott Team Ninja and Rise of Ronin. While Yasuda’s comment in one way or another has a reason since you can’t leave out such an important historical event while portraying the scenario of that time, it was ignorant regardless.

The impact this controversy will have on Rise of Ronin is yet to be calculated as the game is set to release on 22 March 2024.


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