Phasmophobia: How To Find And Use Music Box

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how to find and use music box in phasmophobia

If you’re a seasoned ghost hunter in Phasmophobia or just starting your spooky adventures, the Music Box is a fascinating item that can significantly impact your investigations.

In this guide, I will share my personal experiences and tips on how to find, use, and master the Music Box to become a more effective ghost hunter. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, understanding the nuances of this item can be the difference between life and death.

Key Takeaways
  1. The Music Box in Phasmophobia is a cursed possession that plays a haunting melody, triggering various ghost interactions from mild whispers to severe hunts.
  2. To find the Music Box, explore specific locations on different maps such as Tanglewood Street House, Edgefield Street House, and more.
  3. Using the Music Box requires caution; it can help locate the ghost and gather evidence but also increases the risk of ghost hunts and player fatalities.
  4. Effective use of the Music Box involves preparation, such as having an escape plan and monitoring sanity levels, and coordinating with your team.
  5. Different ghost types react uniquely to the Music Box, with demons being highly aggressive and shades being more reserved, providing clues to their identity.

Before moving ahead, I recommend checking our extensive Cheat Sheet for Phasmophobia especially if you are new to the game.

What Is The Phasmophobia Music Box?

The Music Box is one of the seven cursed possessions introduced in one of the updates of Phasmophobia. It’s an item designed to interact with the ghost in unique and often terrifying ways.

Music Box in Phasmophobia
Music Box in Phasmophobia

When activated, it plays a haunting melody that can trigger specific responses from the ghost, which can be both a boon and a bane during your investigations.

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How To Find The Music Box In Phasmophobia

You can find the Music Box in various locations within the haunted maps. For your convenience, I have compiled the list of all the locations where I found the music box:

Tanglewood Street HouseLiving room table, garage shelf, master bedroom nightstand
Edgefield Street HouseLiving room table, basement shelf, upstairs hallway table, dining room sideboard
Ridgeview Road HouseDining room table, basement storage, upstairs bathroom counter, office desk
Grafton FarmhouseLiving room side table, upstairs bedroom dresser, utility room shelf, kitchen counter
Bleasdale FarmhouseLiving room bookshelf, attic near the stairs, kitchen table, upstairs storage room shelf
Willow Street HouseLiving room coffee table, garage shelf, basement table, master bedroom nightstand
Brownstone High SchoolMain lobby desk, cafeteria table, gym bleachers, classrooms’ teacher desks
PrisonWarden’s office desk, cafeteria table, library shelf, cell block control room
AsylumLobby desk, main hallway tables, patient rooms’ side tables, cafeteria tables
Maple Lodge CampsiteDining tent table, campfire area bench, cabin bedroom nightstand, storage tent shelf

After locating the box, pick it up like any other item. You can carry it along with your usual gear.

Msuic box sitting on a table
Music Box on main lobby desk

You can only hold one cursed possession at a time, so plan accordingly.

How To Use The Music Box In Phasmophobia

Using the Music Box is straightforward, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. Here’s how I recommend using it:

  1. Select the Music Box: Equip the Music Box from your inventory.
  2. Right-click to Activate: Use the right mouse button to activate it. This will start the haunting melody.

When activated, the Music Box plays a soft, eerie tune that echoes throughout the location. The ghost will respond in one of two ways:

  1. Calmly Approaching
    • If the ghost is not in a hunting phase, it will be attracted to the Music Box’s sound, moving towards it.
    • This is useful for pinpointing the ghost’s location.
  2. Triggering a Hunt
    •  If the ghost is already angry or if the Music Box is used recklessly, it can trigger a cursed hunt.
    • This is a more dangerous scenario, as the ghost will immediately start hunting players.

Strategic Uses Of The Music Box

Here’s how I prefer to use the Music Box strategically:

  1. Start the Music Box near the entrance of the house. If the ghost is far away, you’ll hear footsteps approaching. This helps in narrowing down the ghost’s location without wandering aimlessly.
  2. Use the Music Box in combination with evidence-gathering tools like EMF 5 reader, spirit boxes, and cameras. By drawing the ghost to a specific area, you can quickly gather multiple pieces of evidence.
  3. Only use the Music Box when you’re ready. Ensure you have hiding spots and escape routes planned. I suggest using smudge sticks for added protection.

How Different Ghosts React To Music Box

Different ghosts react uniquely to the Music Box. For example:

Ghost TypeReaction to Music Box
SpiritApproaches the Music Box when activated. Normal behavior, no special reaction.
WraithApproaches the Music Box but may occasionally teleport to a player.
PhantomApproaches the Music Box. Taking a photo of the Phantom can make it disappear temporarily.
PoltergeistApproaches the Music Box. May throw nearby objects more frequently.
BansheeDirectly targets the chosen player and will move towards them when the Music Box is activated.
JinnMoves towards the Music Box quickly, especially if the fuse box is on, utilizing its speed ability.
MareApproaches the Music Box. More likely to hunt if the lights are off in the room where the Music Box is used.
RevenantMoves very quickly towards the Music Box if it starts hunting.
ShadeLess likely to hunt when multiple players are nearby but will still approach the Music Box when activated.
DemonVery aggressive; likely to trigger a hunt when the Music Box is used.
YureiApproaches the Music Box. Smudging the room where the Yurei is located will cause it to wander less.
OniSimilar to the Jinn, moves quickly towards the Music Box and shows more activity when players are present.
HantuMoves towards the Music Box. Movement speed is faster in colder areas.
YokaiIncreased chance of initiating a hunt if players are talking near it.
GoryoApproaches the Music Box. Goryo can only be seen through a camera when not hunting.
MylingApproaches the Music Box. During a hunt, it is quieter but can be heard more distinctly when close.
OnryoMore likely to hunt when there are no flames (candles, lighters) nearby.
The TwinsBoth twins can react to the Music Box, with one possibly triggering a hunt while the other roams.
RaijuMoves towards the Music Box quickly if electronic equipment is nearby, utilizing its speed ability.
ObakeApproaches the Music Box. Can change forms less frequently when interacting with the box.

Risks And Precautions

Using the Music Box is not without risks. Here are some precautions I take:

  1. Monitor Sanity Levels: Lower sanity levels increase the chance of triggering a hunt. I recommend keeping your sanity above 50% before using the Music Box. Use a Sanity Monitor to constantly keep an eye on your sanity levels.
  2. Team Communication: When playing with others, communicate your intention to use the Music Box. This ensures everyone is prepared.
  3. Hiding Spots: Always have a hiding spot in mind before activating the Music Box. I prefer closets or rooms with lockable doors.

Advanced Tips And Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize the music box’s efficiency:

  1. Combining Items
    • Pair the Music Box with crucifixes to prevent the ghost from initiating a hunt immediately.
    • Place crucifixes in strategic locations before using the box.
  2. Luring the Ghost
    • Use the Music Box to lure the ghost to an area with multiple hiding spots.
    • This can buy you precious seconds during a hunt.
  3. Sanity Management
    • I suggest using sanity pills before and after using the Music Box to manage your sanity levels effectively.


The Music Box in Phasmophobia is a powerful yet dangerous tool that can significantly enhance your ghost-hunting capabilities. By understanding how to find, activate, and strategically use the Music Box, you can gain a significant advantage in your investigations.

Remember to always be cautious, communicate with your team, and manage your sanity levels effectively. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the Music Box and outsmarting the ghosts in Phasmophobia.

I hope this guide helps you in your ghost-hunting adventures. Happy hunting, and stay safe out there!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can The Music Box Be Reused?

No, the Music Box can only be used once per game.

What Happens If The Music Box Is Destroyed?

The Music Box cannot be destroyed, but it will stop working if dropped.

Does The Music Box Affect All Ghost Types The Same Way?

No, different ghost types react differently to the Music Box.

Can The Music Box Be Used In Multiplayer?

Yes, it can be used in both solo and multiplayer games.

How Does The Music Box Aaffect Player Sanity?

Using the Music Box can drain player sanity quickly, increasing the risk of a hunt.


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