Phasmophobia: All Monkey Paw Wishes And What They Do

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All Monkey Paw Wishes

I have always said it that Kinetic Games didn’t miss anything when creating this masterpiece. And to help you understand the game better, In this guide, I’ll explore everything you need to know about Monkey Paw wishes, including how to use it, the types of wishes available, and the potential consequences of each wish.

The Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia is a tool you can use to make various wishes. Each wish can significantly impact the gameplay, offering both potential benefits and serious drawbacks. This item adds an exciting layer of strategy and risk to the game, making it a valuable yet feared tool among ghost hunters.

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Location Of Monkey Paw In Phasmophobia

Before you can use the Monkey Paw, you need to find it. It doesn’t spawn in plain sight and requires some exploration.

The Monkey Paw can appear in various locations across different maps. You can search in common places, like basements, attics, and other secluded areas within the game’s environments.

You won’t be confused about identifying it after finding it as it is very recognizable. It looks like a dried, mummified hand and stands out against the backdrop of the game’s haunting settings. You can pick it up to to put it in your inventory and use it wherever you want.

Phasmophobia Wishes

Making Wishes With The Monkey Paw

Understanding how to make wishes is crucial for using the Monkey Paw effectively. Here’s my step-by-step guide to help you through this step:

  • To make a wish, you need to be holding the Monkey Paw. Equip it from your inventory and make sure you’re ready to speak your wish into the microphone.
  • Clearly communicate your wish into the microphone.
  • The game recognizes specific key phrases, so it’s important to be precise.
  • Common wishes include asking for safety, the ghost’s identity, or revealing hidden items.
  • However, be aware that each wish can come with a twist, so choose your words carefully.

How To Use Wishes

Once you’ve found the Monkey Paw, using it is straightforward but requires caution:

  • Interaction: Approach the Monkey Paw and interact with it. This will bring up a menu of possible wishes, from which you can select the wish you want to play with.
  • Choosing a Wish: Select the wish you want to make. Remember, each wish has a double-edged sword effect, so choose wisely.
  • Confirming the Wish: After selecting a wish, you have to confirm your choice. The wish will then be granted, along with any consequences that may come with it.

All Monkey Paw Wishes In Phasmophobia

Monkey Paw Wishes Phasmophobia
Monkey Paw Wishes

You can make several types of wishes with the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common wishes and their potential effects:

Wish for SafetyGrants temporary protection from the ghost, making you invulnerable for a short period.Once the protection ends, the ghost becomes more aggressive towards you and your team.
Wish for KnowledgeReveals the ghost’s location and type immediately.Your sanity drops significantly, making you more vulnerable to ghost attacks.
Wish for EquipmentSummons additional ghost-hunting equipment to your location.The ghost becomes attracted to the new equipment, increasing the likelihood of an encounter.
Wish for LightIlluminates the entire map for a brief period, making it easier to navigate and spot clues.The ghost can see you more clearly, increasing its ability to hunt you down.
Wish for EscapeOpens a safe exit route, allowing you to leave the map safely.The exit route is only open for a short time, and if you don’t reach it in time, it will close, leaving you trapped with an enraged ghost.

The ultimate goal of any such tool is to enhance the ghost-hunting experience of players. However, it will be hard to properly utilize these tools if you don’t know what danger you are facing. Therefore, having a detailed cheat sheet with you all the time is crucial.

I know it can get fussy creating your own sheet from scratch. That is why I made an extensive, detailed, and easy-to-understand cheat sheet for ghosts in Phasmophobia. You can find it in our detailed guide on The Ultimate Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet [UPDATED 2024].

Risks And Rewards

The Monkey Paw is a double-edged sword. It offers powerful benefits but I warn you it also comes with significant risks.

  1. Potential Dangers
    • Making a wish can trigger adverse effects, such as angering the ghost or causing it to target you specifically. There’s always a risk that the twist on your wish will be detrimental rather than helpful.
  1. Benefits and Rewards
    • Despite the risks, the rewards can be substantial. A well-timed wish can save your team, provide crucial information, or turn the tide in a tough investigation. Balancing the potential rewards against the risks is key to using the Monkey Paw effectively.

Advanced Tips For Seasoned Players

For experienced players, mastering the use of the Monkey Paw can provide a significant edge in the game. Here are some of my personally used tips:

  1. Timing is Everything: Use the Monkey Paw at critical moments to turn the tide in your favor. For example, use the Wish for Safety during a ghost hunt to protect a teammate performing a crucial task.
  2. Bait and Switch: Use the drawbacks to your advantage. For instance, if you wish for equipment and the ghost is attracted to it, use that time to gather essential evidence while the ghost is distracted.
  3. Experiment and Learn: Each game is different, and the effects of the Monkey Paw can vary. Experiment with different wishes in various scenarios to learn how to utilize this tool best.

My Thoughts

Monkey Paw is a game-changer that adds a unique twist to ghost hunting. By understanding monkey paw wishes in Phasmophobia, I’ve found that it can make ghost-hunting relatively easier and more fun. Communicating with my team, planning strategically, and staying prepared for the unexpected is vital. The suspense and strategy involved make the Monkey Paw one of my favorite elements of the game.


  1. How do I find the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia? The Monkey Paw can spawn in various locations across different maps. Explore thoroughly and communicate with your team to increase your chances of finding it.
  2. What are the risks of using the Monkey Paw? Each wish has a drawback, such as increased ghost aggression or significant sanity loss. Carefully consider these risks before making a wish.
  3. Can I use the Monkey Paw multiple times? The Monkey Paw has a limited number of wishes per game. Use them sparingly and strategically to maximize their benefits.
  4. Do the effects of the Monkey Paw change with each game update? The effects can be adjusted with game updates. Stay informed about the latest patches and community feedback to understand any changes.
  5. Is the Monkey Paw available in all game modes? The availability of the Monkey Paw may vary depending on the game mode and map. Check the game’s settings and updates for specific details.
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