How to Play Kubb Rules and Instructions For Beginners

how to play kubb

A traditional outdoor Swedish game, Kubb provides a lot of fun for families, kids or individuals that play this game professionally. It’s a lawn game in the skittles family. Interestingly, some people also call it Viking Chess. This name comes from the rather pervasive legend, where bored Vikings kept themselves preoccupied to pass the winter by playing Kubb using the bones of their …

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Axe Throwing Rules and Gameplay Instructions

Axe Throwing Rules

When you first hear about it, axe throwing may not look like the safest pastime to partake in. This possibly has a little to do with the fact that in axe throwing, a sharp, formidable object is hurled at a target. Nevertheless, axe throwing, if done appropriately, is one of the most thrilling activities there …

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Tetherball Rules and Basics of the Game

Tetherball Rules

Tetherball comprises a volleyball attached to a rope that’s tied to a center pole. It’s a game for 2 opposing players. A 20-foot circle often serves as the playing circle, where each player is allotted one-half of the circle. Tetherball can also be played using a smaller ball, which is attached to a rope and …

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Aunt Sally Game Rules & Instructions

aunt sally game rules

Aunt Sally is a traditional Oxfordshire summer game, which is still played in several pubs in that area in England. Play involves players throwing battens or sticks at a doll or dolly, which is a model of an old woman’s head. Leagues of pub teams still play Aunt Sally currently, mainly in Oxfordshire and some bordering …

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What Is Spec Tennis? Rules and Basic Game Instructions

what is spec tennis

Spec Tennis is a new racquet sport played on a standard pickleball court using Platform Tennis paddles, quite similar to Pop Tennis. Here, there is no such rule of “no volley zone”, thus bringing about a more unique and quick-paced game with a true feel of real tennis. Spec Tennis creates a competitive option for …

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Best Air Hockey Pucks – In-depth Comparison

Best Air Hockey Pucks

If you love playing air hockey when you have the opportunity, then you’d know that besides the blower system and table, your paddle and pucks quality can make all the difference. However, what if you break one of your air hockey pucks or lose them all? Taking home the best circular or a conventional-sized air …

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Best Croquet Sets Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Best Croquet Sets Reviews

In croquet, players hit plastic or wooden balls using a mallet via hoops, which are usually referred to as “wickets” in the US, planted in a grass playing court. It’s a game of strategy, which is also called a “gentleman’s” game. Croquet is golf’s cousin and can also be played in both formal and informal events by …

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