Phasmophobia EMF 5 Activity Board Explained

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Phasmophobia EMF 5 Activity Board

Phasmophobia, a popular game by indie studio Kinetic Games, has taken the gaming community by storm with its immersive ghost hunting experience. The game uses various tools to detect and understand paranormal activity. In this article, I’ll dive deep into these tools, explaining how to read and interpret the EMF 5 Activity Board in Phasmophobia.

EMF 5 Activity Board In Phasmophobia

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. In Phasmophobia, an EMF reader is used to detect these fields, which are believed to be indicative of ghostly presence.

In the game, EMF readings help players identify areas with paranormal activity. These readings are essential for gathering evidence and pinpointing the locations of supernatural entities.

EMF Activity graph
EMF Activity graph

However, before going deep into the tools, one should know all the ghost types in Phasmophobia and everything related to them. Even if you are a pro, you will still need a descriptive cheat sheet for it. Therefore, I highly recommend you check our extensive guide on The Ultimate Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet. It is easy to understand and contains updated knowledge.

Coming back to the topic, here is what different levels of EMF indicate on the activity board:

EMF Level 1-4

  • Level 1: Indicates no significant electromagnetic activity.
  • Level 2: Suggests minor paranormal presence, typically a residual energy.
  • Level 3: Moderate activity, possibly from a nearby ghostly entity.
  • Level 4: High activity, strong indication of a ghost in close proximity.

EMF Level 5

EMF Level 5 is the highest reading on the activity board, signaling intense paranormal activity in Phasmophobia. This level is critical for confirming the presence of a ghost and is a key piece of evidence in the game.

What Is The Activity Board?

The Activity Board in Phasmophobia is a monitoring tool that provides real-time data on ghostly activity within the haunted location. It’s a vital resource for tracking and understanding paranormal events. For your convenience, I have given a descriptive table below to understand its key features:

EMF Readings DisplayShows the current EMF levels detected by the team, indicating the intensity of paranormal activity.
Activity GraphProvides a visual representation of activity spikes and patterns over time, helping to identify trends.
Sound MonitorMonitors ambient sound levels, detecting sudden spikes or anomalies that may accompany ghostly events.
Temperature GaugeMeasures changes in temperature, indicating potential ghostly presence when sudden drops or rises occur.
Motion SensorDetects movement and activity in the area, offering additional insights into ghost behavior.
Ghost Activity TimelineDisplays a chronological overview of ghostly activity, highlighting significant events for reference.
Team Communication PanelAllows real-time communication between team members, facilitating coordination and information sharing.

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How To Read The EMF Activity Board In Phasmophobia?

Based on my own ghost-hunting experience in the game, here’s how you can make sense of it and use it to your advantage.

Key Elements of the EMF Graph

  1. Time Scale (x-axis): This represents the progression of time, moving left to right.
  2. EMF Intensity (y-axis): This shows how strong the EMF readings are, with low readings at the bottom and high readings at the top.

Interpreting the EMF Graph

emf graph showing activity
EMF graph showing activity
  • Identifying Spikes
    1. Small Spikes: Minor bumps on the graph indicate low-level activity. These can be residual energy or small ghost interactions.
    2. Moderate Spikes: Medium spikes suggest moderate activity, such as a ghost moving or lightly interacting with objects.
    3. High Spikes: Big spikes mean significant activity, especially if they hit EMF Level 5. This is when you know a ghost is nearby.
  • Recognizing Patterns
    1. Consistent Activity: A series of moderate spikes often means the ghost is moving around but not doing much.
    2. Sudden Large Spikes: These usually point to direct ghost interactions and are your best bet for pinpointing ghost locations.

Practical Tips For Reading The EMF Graph

  • Regular Monitoring:Keep an eye on the EMF graph throughout your investigation. This helps you spot patterns and sudden changes that could indicate ghostly presence.
  • Cross-Referencing Data: Use the EMF graph alongside other tools like the temperature gauge and sound monitor. This gives you a fuller picture and helps confirm if you’re dealing with a ghost.
  • Communicating with Team Members: Share what you see on the EMF graph with your team. Communication is key for planning your next steps and staying safe.
  • Adjusting for Environmental Factors: Be aware of things like electrical appliances or metal objects that might affect EMF readings. This helps you avoid false positives.

Responding To EMF Graph Readings

When You See High Spikes

  • Prepare Equipment: High spikes mean it’s time to get your gear ready—cameras, spirit boxes, and other tools.
  • Stay Vigilant: With high readings, a ghost is probably close. Move carefully and watch for other signs like temperature changes or strange noises.
  • Coordinate with Your Team: Let your team know about the high readings so you can plan your actions together.

During Low-Activity Periods

  • Explore Other Areas: If the graph shows low activity, it might be time to check out other parts of the location.
  • Check Equipment Functionality: Use this downtime to make sure all your equipment is working properly.

Interpreting EMF Level 5

When the Activity Board shows EMF Level 5, it means there is significant paranormal activity in the vicinity. This is a clear indicator that a ghost is nearby, and it’s time to prepare for possible encounters.

Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

  • Misreading EMF Data: One common mistake is misinterpreting EMF data. Make sure you understand the difference between various EMF levels and their implications.
  • Overlooking Environmental Factors: Environmental factors like electrical appliances or metal objects can affect EMF readings. When analyzing data, always consider these potential interferences.
  • Ghost Variability: Ghosts in Phasmophobia exhibit diverse behaviors, which can make detection and prediction challenging. Adaptability and keen observation are necessary to handle this variability.

Advanced Techniques For EMF And Activity Board

  • Pattern Recognition: Experienced players can start recognizing patterns in EMF readings and activity graphs. This skill helps predict ghost behavior and plan more effective investigations.
  • Predictive Analysis: Use the Activity Board to anticipate the ghost’s movements. By analyzing past activity, you can make educated guesses about where the ghost might appear next.

Real-Life Applications Of EMF Technology

Real life EMF reader
Real life EMF reader
  • Paranormal Investigations: In real life, paranormal investigators use EMF readers similar to those in Phasmophobia to detect ghostly activity. These tools help document and analyze supernatural phenomena.
  • Scientific Research: EMF technology is also used in scientific research to study electromagnetic fields and their effects on the environment and human health.


Mastering the EMF Level 5 readings and the Activity Board in Phasmophobia is essential for any successful ghost hunter. These tools provide critical insights into paranormal activity, helping you identify and survive ghostly encounters. With practice and teamwork, you can become an expert in navigating the eerie world of Phasmophobia.


  1. What does an EMF Level 5 reading mean in Phasmophobia?
    • It indicates intense paranormal activity and the presence of a powerful ghost.
  2. How can I best use the Activity Board during an investigation?
    • Monitor the EMF readings and activity graph, and communicate updates with your team for coordinated action.
  3. What should I do if I encounter interference in EMF readings?
    • Identify potential sources of interference and try to eliminate or account for them in your analysis.
  4. Can EMF readings predict ghost behavior?
    • While not always precise, patterns in EMF readings can help anticipate ghost movements and actions.
  5. Are there real-life applications for the EMF technology used in Phasmophobia?
    • Yes, similar EMF readers are used in real-world paranormal investigations and scientific research on electromagnetic fields.
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