GTA 5: Dom Toretto Car Name and Customization

Burhan Haider
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Dom Toretto car in GTA 5

Dom Torretto’s Dodge Charger is one of the most popular Fast and Furious cars out there that players try to recreate in GTA 5. In this guide, I’ll be helping you recreate Dom Toretto car in GTA 5 so that you don’t have to bear the hassle of searching for its name from the pool of cars and the right parts for its customization.

How To Recreate Dom Toretto Dodge Charger In GTA 5

Before we start you must have at least $1.2 million in-game currency. Moreover, you will also need at least an RP level of 60. If you don’t know how to make cash fast in GTA Online then you must check out our in-depth take on the Fastest Ways to Earn Cash in GTA Online.

  • You can get it from the 2 door section in the Southern San Andreas Super Autos shop on the browser on your in-game Phone.
  • The price of the car is $378,000.
  • With enough cash in your account, go to the dealership, and in the search bar, write the name; Imponte Beater Dukes as this is the car that we will transform into Dom Toretto car in GTA 5.
  • Just select the black color and click buy. Then you’ll be prompted to select the garage where you want your car to be transported.
  • Now you’re all set. However, now you just need to apply the right customization parts.
Purchasing Imponte Beater Duke in GTA Online.
Purchasing Imponte Beater Duke in GTA Online.


You can apply the following list of customizations by visiting any Autoshop on the map.

  • Exhaust: Round Exhaust
  • Hood: Triple Intake Bug Catcher
  • Front Bumper: Repaired Front Bumper
  • Wheelie Bar: Repaired Rear Bumper
  • Fenders: Repaired Fenders
  • Grille: Crown Grille
  • Roll Cage: Dash Cage
  • Wheels: Chrome Dukes Wheels (muscle)
  • Respray: Metallic Black (Primary) and Chrome (secondary)

The customizations above are a must to apply to get a replica of Dom Torrent’s original Dodge Charger look. However, as far as the performance customizations go, you can apply them depending on your own preference.

Dom Toretto Car name in GTA 5
Imponte Beater Duke after Customizations.

My Thoughts

I personally am a great fan of the infamous Dodge Charger due to its unique design and power. I strongly suggest recreating this iconic car from the movies not only because of its looks but it can be very useful as well due to its performance and power. It

Especially in heists, it can serve as an excellent getaway vehicle. Moreover, it has hydraulics systems enabled by default so don’t hesitate to make it dance.

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