GTA Online: Best Arena War Cars [Top 5]

Crush and destroy enemies with these powerful Arena War vehicles.

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GTA Online Best Arena War Vehicles [Top 5] (2)
Key Takeaways
  • Arena War is a DLC in GTA Online that comprises 15 powerful vehicles to use.
  • Among them, the best vehicles are the Annis ZR380, Western Death Bike, MTL Cerberus, and the Vapid Imperator.
  • Players will be able to add additional modifications to make their vehicles deadlier in GTA Online Arena War.

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto online, you will be aware of the Arena War DLC. As soon as the update was released, a plethora of vehicles and a workshop were also made accessible to players, which allowed them to turn vehicles into killing machines. Battling against other players with killer cars makes you want to pick the best ones in the Grand Theft Auto Arena War to survive. Below, I’ll list my top five favorite arena war cars that can help you easily conquer enemies in GTA 5.

Best Arena War Vehicles In GTA Online

The vehicles below can be customized according to your preference with armor upgrades. I recommend adding mounted weapons to them to make them even more deadly.

Annis ZR380

For various reasons, one of my favorite sports cars, the ZR380, is considered the best vehicle to use in arena war. The all-rounder vehicle provides you with excellent handling and exceptional speed.

Annis ZR380
Annis ZR380

Furthermore, it has decent control with optimal damage, and it is capable of crushing every single opponent vehicle single-handedly. It uses dual machine guns to deal damage and covers a wide range, making it a deadly choice.

I would recommend getting some modifications to improve it even further. Blades and rockets can be a great addition to the ZR380, making it one of the the top five cars in GTA Online arena war.

Western Death Bike

If you are more of a bike person like I am, then there is no better choice than the Western death bike to slay your enemies in the arena war. It is by far the deadliest vehicle with the most impressive speed.

GTA Online Best Arena War Vehicles Western Death bike
Western Death bike

Powered by a V Twin Engine and a four-speed gearbox, it will send you flying across the map, allowing you to catch up to your enemies or even run away from them. You can buy this vehicle for $1,269,000.

If you are out of cash and want to know some quick ways to make it, I recommend checking our extensive guide on GTA 5 Online: Fastest Ways To Make Money.

I highly recommend getting the bike as it gives you more control and high maneuverability. With its small size, you will be able to dodge incoming attacks more effectively. However, the only con to the Western Death Bike is the lack of protection it has, so you will be more vulnerable to attacks than closed vehicles.

MTL Cerberus

This list won’t be complete without the mention of the 14-wheeler truck that is the MTL Cerberus. This terrifying gigantic truck is as deadly as it looks and is capable of launching highly destroying homing missiles.

GTA Online Best Arena War Vehicles MTL Cerberus
MTL Cerberus

But that’s not the only weapon the truck is packed with, as it also has a flame thrower that can scare away your opponents with ease. With just a bit of tuning, you will be able to convert it into a war machine, and I highly recommend equipping it with proximity mines.

It houses a very powerful V8 engine that contributes to its speed, allowing it to go up to 170.99 kilometers per hour.

Bravado Sasquatch

By far, one of the deadliest vehicles that easily claim a spot in the top 5 best cars Arena War update has to offer in GTA Online, the Bravado Sasquatch has unmatched power and destruction capability. This monster truck has great ramming power and can crush enemies underneath it easily.

GTA Online Best Arena War Vehicles Bravado Sasquatch
Bravado Sasquatch

Besides its exceptional force and power, it also has a lot of special weapons, including dual grenade launchers that can send your opponent’s vehicles flying away.

Blowing up the enemy cars won’t be an issue with this monster truck. However, handling it is quite difficult as it can destroy absolutely anything in its way. Even with difficult maneuverability, it is still one of the best vehicles to choose from in the Arena War.

Vapid Imperator

Last but not least, the vapid Imperator is one of the best arena vehicles if you are looking for a fast and highly damaging vehicle. It has great speed and exceptional handling. Furthermore, you will get optimal acceleration with it as well, despite its heavy build, making it a great choice overall.

Vapid Imperator
Vapid Imperator

It has a lot of space for modifications and is high in defense as well. The armor system of the Imperator keeps the player and the mortar safe. I highly recommend going for the spinning blade modification for the Imperator, which you can add in front and that can kill opponents instantly.

With the spinning blades added you will be destroying cars and anything in the vicinity. This dangerous vehicle can help you get around the arena quickly with its impressive speed.

This was my recommendation on the top 5 cars you should go for in the GTA Online arena war. If you have more suggestions, make sure to leave them in the comments section below. While you are here, I recommend checking our other guides on:

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