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Ghost Orb Location
Key Takeaways
  • Ghost Orbs are small, floating specks of light visible through video cameras in Phasmophobia.
  • They are a key piece of evidence for identifying ghost types like Phantom, Mare, Yurei, and Jinn.
  • Setting up video cameras with night vision in the ghost's favorite room increases the chances of spotting Ghost Orbs.
  • Correlating Ghost Orbs with other evidence is essential for accurate ghost identification.
  • Effective ghost hunting requires patience, proper equipment setup, and good teamwork.

As an experienced gamer and dedicated ghost hunter in Phasmophobia, one of the most thrilling aspects of the game is identifying various pieces of evidence to determine the type of ghost haunting. Among these pieces of evidence, Ghost Orbs play a crucial role. In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Ghost Orb in Phasmophobia, from identifying them to using them effectively in your investigations.

What Is A Ghost Orb In Phasmophobia?

Ghost Orb are small, floating specks of light that can be seen through the lens of a video camera in Phasmophobia. They are one of the critical pieces of evidence used to identify the type of ghost haunting a location.

Ghost Orbs are a critical clue in the game that helps narrow the list of possible ghost types. Seeing a Ghost Orb can instantly shift your strategy and investigation focus, making it easier to zero in on the ghost you’re dealing with.

Identifying Ghost Orbs

You’ll need a video camera and a monitor to spot Ghost Orbs. These are essential tools in your ghost-hunting arsenal. The video camera allows you to capture footage, while the monitor lets you view it in real time.

Finding the Ghost Orb in Phasmophobia
Locating the ghost Orb on screen

Ghost Orbs are typically found in the ghost’s favourite room, a bedroom, kitchen, or even a basement. Setting up your camera in multiple rooms can increase your chances of spotting these elusive orbs.

Pro Tip

One of the biggest misconceptions is that Ghost Orbs will always be present in haunted locations. This isn’t true. Not every ghost leaves Ghost Orbs, and their appearance can be sporadic. However, once you’ve spotted Ghost Orbs, focus on gathering other types of evidence.

Ghost Orbs And Ghost Types

In Phasmophobia, Ghost Orbs are associated with specific types of ghosts. Before moving ahead, you should know everything about ghosts in Phasmophobia. Therefore, I highly recommend checking and saving our updated Phasmophobia Ghost Cheat Sheet. The table below outlines the ghost types that can leave Ghost Orbs as evidence and their additional traits:

Ghost TypeAdditional EvidenceBehavior Traits
PhantomEMF Level 5, Freezing TemperaturesDisappears when taking a photo, drops sanity significantly when viewed.
MareSpirit Box, Freezing TemperaturesStronger in the dark, increases chance of hunting in darkness.
YureiFreezing Temperatures, DOTS ProjectorStrong effect on sanity, often found in ghost rooms for extended periods.
JinnEMF Level 5, Spirit Box, FingerprintsTravels at a faster speed if the victim is far away, territorial and defensive.
ShadeEMF Level 5, Ghost WritingShy, less likely to hunt if multiple people are nearby.
YokaiSpirit Box, DOTS ProjectorTriggered by talking near it, hunts more frequently if players are noisy.
HantuFingerprints, Freezing TemperaturesMoves faster in cold temperatures, causes freezing breath in warmer areas.
RevenantGhost Writing, Freezing TemperaturesMoves very fast during a hunt if it has a line of sight, slow otherwise.
ObakeEMF Level 5, FingerprintsLeaves unique evidence, sometimes changes fingerprints.
BansheeFingerprints, DOTS ProjectorTargets one player at a time, tends to be less aggressive when its target is not around.
PoltergeistSpirit Box, FingerprintsKnown for throwing multiple objects at once, causing high activity levels.
SpiritEMF Level 5, Spirit Box, Ghost WritingMost common ghost type, relatively calm, can be repelled by Smudge Sticks.
WraithEMF Level 5, Spirit Box, DOTS ProjectorCapable of flight, does not leave footprints after stepping in salt.
DemonFreezing Temperatures, Ghost Writing, Spirit BoxOne of the most aggressive ghost types, often initiates hunts more frequently than other ghosts, can be repelled using a Crucifix.
OniEMF Level 5, Freezing Temperatures, DOTS ProjectorMore active when people are nearby, making it easier to identify. Moves objects at great speed.
GoryoEMF Level 5, Fingerprints, DOTS ProjectorRarely seen far from their place of death, only show themselves on camera if there are no people nearby.
MylingEMF Level 5, Fingerprints, Ghost WritingQuieter when hunting, often makes paranormal sounds.
OnryoSpirit Box, Freezing Temperatures, Ghost WritingKnown as “The Wrathful Spirit,” more likely to hunt when flames are extinguished.
The TwinsEMF Level 5, Spirit Box, Freezing TemperaturesInteract with the environment at the same time, but from different locations, causing confusion.
RaijuEMF Level 5, DOTS Projector, Ghost OrbsDisrupts electronic equipment, moves faster around electrical devices.
ObakeEMF Level 5, FingerprintsSometimes leaves unique fingerprints, known for changing its form.
MimicSpirit Box, Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures, Ghost OrbsMimics other ghost types, often leading to misidentification. Can produce Ghost Orbs as false evidence.

As you can see, EMF Level 5 has been mentioned in almost all evidence. It is an important tool to find ghost activity in Phasmophobia. To master it and know everything about it, I seriously recommend checking our guide on Phasmophobia EMF 5 Activity Board Explained.

How To Set Up Equipment For Ghost Orbs

Finding Ghost Orbs
Camera Setup

Here is the equipment you need to set up for identifying ghost orbs:

  • Video Camera
  • Tripod (optional but helpful)
  • Monitor for viewing the camera feed

Now, here is how you can do it:

  • Place the video camera in a corner of the suspected ghost room with a clear view of the entire area. Position it at an angle that maximizes coverage.
  • Turn on your monitor’s night vision mode. Ghost Orbs are much easier to see in the dark, and night vision enhances their visibility.

Strategies For Finding Ghost Orbs

  • Be patient and methodical. Set up cameras in different rooms and check them regularly. Sometimes, orbs appear only after the ghost has been active.
  • Avoid rushing your setup. Ensure the camera is stable and positioned correctly. Don’t forget to check every room thoroughly before concluding there are no Ghost Orbs.

Using Ghost Orbs To Identify Ghost Types

Here is a step-by-step process of how to use Ghost Orbs to Identify Ghost Types.

  1. Set up the camera: Place it in a suspected ghost room.
  2. Turn on night vision: Use the monitor to watch for orbs.
  3. Record findings: Note down any Ghost Orbs and correlate them with other evidence.
  4. Identify the ghost: Use the evidence gathered to determine the ghost type.

Tips For Beginners

  • Start with small maps to learn how to use a video camera. Practice makes perfect, and smaller maps are less overwhelming.
  • A tripod can be beneficial in addition to the video camera. It keeps the camera steady and allows for better positioning.

Advanced Ghost Orb Hunting Techniques

  • Communication is key. Coordinate with your team to cover multiple areas simultaneously. It can increase the chances of spotting Ghost Orbs quickly.
  • Use multiple cameras to cover different angles of the same room. It will ensure that you don’t miss any Ghost Orbs.

My Thoughts

In my experience, patience and thoroughness are your best friends when searching for Ghost Orbs. I recommend setting up multiple cameras in various rooms, as it often takes some time before the ghost becomes active enough for orbs to appear. Night vision is a game-changer; without it, you might miss the subtle flicker of a Ghost Orb against the backdrop of darkness.


Can Ghost Orbs appear in any room?

Ghost Orbs typically appear as a ghost’s favourite rit, but it’s worth checking multiple areas.

Do Ghost Orbs move?

Yes, Ghost Orbs can float around the room, making them sometimes difficult to spot.

Can multiple ghosts leave Ghost Orbs?

No, only specific ghost types like Phantoms, Mares, Yureis, and Jinns leave Ghost Orbs.

Is it necessary to use night vision to see Ghost Orbs?

While not necessary, night vision significantly increases the visibility of Ghost Orbs.

Do Ghost Orbs appear immediately?

Not always. Sometimes, it takes a while for Ghost Orbs to appear after the ghost becomes active.


In addition to the tools to identify ghosts, there are seven cursed items in Phasmophobia helping you attract ghosts towards you. If you are interested, I recommed checking our detailed guides on each of these cursed items:

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