GTA 5: All Peyote Plants Locations

GTA 5 features 76 locations on ground or underwater where players can find different peyote plants.

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All Peyote Plants Locations in GTA 5

Hey there! If you’re a GTA 5 enthusiast like me, you might be excited to learn about peyote plants hidden throughout the game. Peyote plants are a type of drug that can induce hallucinations. They can also transform your character into an animal while embodying their traits. Read this guide thoroughly to learn about all the locations of peyote plants in GTA 5.

All Peyote Plants And Their Locations In GTA 5

GTA 5 has 76 peyote plants, of which 52 are on land, and the other 24 are submerged in water. These peyote plants are based on real-life cactus peyotes, which provide you with hallucination effects.

  • Consuming these herbs will transform the character into the animal associated with that plant due to the animal sounds heard upon consumption.
  • After changing your character, you can commit as many crimes as you want without facing any charges for those crimes.
  • However, you can press E on your console to get out of the hallucination effect. Another way to end this effect is to die during the scene.
  • You will get 5000 RP after using each herb. In short, using all peyote plants will reward you with 380,000 RP. While it is not the fastest way of making money in GTA 5, the RP is secondary to the sense of achievement and the transformations.

NOTE: The recent arrival of peyote plants in January 2024 indicated that water and unique animals had been excluded from the game (source: Reddit user Earthpuma120).

Transformed Animals

There are various animals into which your character can transform. I have listed these animals below:

Land AnimalsWater AnimalsBirds ( Also Land Animals)
Border Collie
Hammerhead Shark
Tiger SharkSeagull
West Highland White
Wild Rabbit

After transforming into an animal, you will acquire its traits and qualities, such as the ability to fly as a bird and attack from the sky. It is important to note that the animals you transform into may vary depending on the game.

In contrast, there is a chance you will turn into a random animal. It is more likely that you will transform into one of the animals on the given list.

Locations of All Peyote Plants In GTA 5

There are 72 peyote plants in various locations in GTA 5, of which 52 are on land and the rest are in water. Remember that some plants are hidden on the map, which you must find. However, this might take some time. Therefore, you must be patient throughout the process.

Peyote Plants On Land

A dog in GTA 5
Dog is one of many animals that you can transform into after eating a Peyote Plant.

Here is a list of all the peyote plants located on land in GTA 5:

Land Peyote PlantsLocation
Murrieta HeightsMurrieta Hight is near Murrieta Rig Oil. However, the plant is lying near a rock,
El Burro HeightsIt can be found in a pot in front of Lester’s house on the left side of the entrance door.
Palomino Highlands (1)You can find this plant on the top of Palomino Mountain lying between two giant rocks.
Palomino Highlands (2)To find the plant head towards a small sea cave near a Merryweather Gang Attack
Tataviam Mountains (1)In between the Tataviam Mountains, you can find this plant on a seashore lying near a bush.
Tataviam Mountains (2)You can easily find it near a red container on the mountaintop.
Grand Senora DesertFind this plant in a shed lying near car tires in the Senora Desert
RON Alternates Wind FarmYou can find it near an Electric Tower in a Wind Farm behind a big bush.
Davis QuartzFind this cactus between the Mountains of Quartz, lying near a yellow container and a bulldozer’s claw.
Sandy ShoresYou can find this peyote inside the area enclosed with razor wire fencing lying in front of a trailer
GrapeseedThis one might be a little tricky to find. On the northeastern shore of the Alamo Sea, you will find it resting shyly somewhere between the grass.
Mount Gordo 1Just around the Braddock Pass, you will find a large tree and train tracks. Look around and you will find this edible flower on the ground.
Mount Gordo 2Looking around a bit, you can find a small water body with a few trees and rocks around. You will find the plant nearby somewhere.
Mount Gordo 3This one is relatively easier to find. All you need to do is go to Procopio Truck Drive and look for sitting benches with dustbins around. Here, just around the bushes near the rock, you will find this plant.
GrapeseedYou can find this plant on top of Mount Chiliad. You know you are in the right location when you can overlook a farm while standing on the mountain.
Mount Chiliad 1It can be found close to the top of Mount Chiliad. Look for the markers indicating the directions to West Ridge Trail, Paleto Point, Aerial Tramway East Ridge Trail, and Braddock Pass.
Mount Chiliad 2I found the second one near the transmission tower at the Donkey Punch Family Farm. You will know you are in the right place when you can see the trees and train tracks.
Paleto BayThis one was quite challenging to find. While looking between different houses in Procopio Drive, I found it in a garden pot of a house, near the cactus plant.
Paleto ForestBelieve me when I say, this was as much hard to find. However, I was able to locate it in the middle of a peninsula resting in sand.
Paleto CoveJust down the Cassidy Creek Bridge on the beach, you can find it, overlooking the ocean, hidden between a few rocks and herbs.
Chiliad Mountain State WildernessWhile going further north of the Cassidy Creek Bridge, I found the other peyote plants overlooking The Raton Canyon Bridge at the end of a dirt road.
Mount JosiahI found it very easily at the top of the mountain. The hint is to look around the free parachute.
Lago ZancudoYou can find this one near Fort Zancudo. Look around for a small coastal spit.
Banham CanyonThis is easily traceable in the garden of the mansion. Simply look near the corner of the garden beside the garage.
ChumashYou can find another one of these peyote plants in a garden pot behind a house near the convenience store in the Chumash town of GTA 5.
Del PerroLook for an orange-coloured house. Once inside, you will find this eatable on the balcony.
RichmanI found it resting by the pool.
Great ChaparralFollow the stream of water. You will find this peyote plant beside the stream just a bit ahead of two trees where the stream falls down in a pit.
Lago ZancudoOverlooking the bridge, you will find it near a small water body.
HarmonyIn the Route 68 Approach, you can find this peyote plant on the front porch of an old, worn-out house.
Sandy Shores 1Near the Yucca Motel in the middle of Marina Drive, you will find this her resting between other plants.
Sandy Shores 2I found this one in front of the abandoned mine, facing the Sandy Shores Airfield.
Vinewood Hills 1This one’s gonna take your time. At the top of the hill, where I could see both Los Santos and Blaine County, I found this herb near Mount Haan Drive.
Vinewood Hills 2You can easily locate this one in a pot in one of the mansions in Lake Vinewood Estates. The easiest hint would be the place where Vehicle Export Missions’ deliveries happen.
Vinewood Hills 3For this one, you will have to go to South Mo Milton Drive. You will easily find this peyote plant behind a mansion’s small garden in GTA 5.
Rockford HillsI found this one easily in a garden pot near a pool in one of many mansions in Rockford Hills.
MorningwoodThis one’s also traceable in the same way as the one mentioned above. You can find the house in the opposite street of Ammu-Nation. Maze Bank West and the Elgar house are around the corner as well.
Little SeoulThis peyote plant rests in a garden pot in front of the Little Seoul Church.
BurtonLocate a huge rectangular building near Arcadius Business Center and you will find this plant resting between two stones in front of the building.
Downtown Vinewood 1It can be found in the middle of an open alley beside a garden.
Downtown Vinewood 2While strolling around, look for a a house with two sofas outside. You will find this peyote plant there.
East VinewoodGo to the Broker Park and look for the huge tree. You will find another peyote plant there.
Mirror ParkLook for the small island in the park and find the herb in a dense greenly area filled with trees.
Murrieta HeightsEasily find it in front of the dam at the end of the Los Santos River.
La MesaYou can find it below the round overhead bridge near Los Santos Customs. The exact location can be traced near the red container.
Legion SquareI found this one in the grassy area near a road.
StrawberryYou can find this behind the Clinton Residence’s garage.
Chamberlain HillsNear the BJ Smith Recreational Centre, where there are two basketball courts, a peyote plant rests nearby.
La PuertaYou can find it in the front garden of Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.
LSIALook for several red benches under a tree. You will find it there.
DavisYou will find this plant somewhere on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. Look for the Special Crates Warehouse.

These were the locations of all peyote plants on land in GTA 5. Make sure to explore all of these locations to enjoy exciting perks of these herbs.

Peyote Plants In Water

Fish in GTA 5
You can convert into a fish after eating a peyote plant.

You can find the remaining 24 peyote plants in the following locations, partially or wholly submerged underwater in GTA 5. Ensure you are well equipped with necessary gear like scuba gear, rebreather, etc.

Palomino Islands 1You can find it near a small island just off the shore.
Palomino Islands 2
This one requires some deep diving to look for the wreckage of a ship. There, you will find a red container. The plant is nearby.
Tatavium MountainsLook for the underwater cave and you will find this herb near the sandy area.
RON Alternates Wind Farm
Just off the shore, this peyote plant will need you to do some exploration work. You will find it lying on the sea bed near the Davis Quartz and the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
San Chianski Mountain RangeJust off the coast, this peyote plant is traceable in a coral on sea bed.
El Gordo LighthouseLook for the rock formations underwater and you will find this plant nearby.
Mount GordoGo to the Heart Attacks Beach znd just around the coast, you will find this herb underwater where there is a hang.
Alamo SeaGo a little deep off the coast and you will find this peyote plant near a few rocks on sea bed.
Calafia RoadJust near the Stab City, a little dive underwater will take you to concrete rubble. You can find the herb there.
Paleto Bay 1Dive deep and you will find it on sea sand.
Paleto Bay 2Move around and look for corals. You will find the second peyote plant there.
Paleto CoveDive deep next to Sonar Collections Dock and you will find this herb next to a pink coral.
North ChumashLook for it on the sandy sea bed in front of a rock.
Lago ZancudoFrom the Zancudo Bridge, move towards west side underwater and you will find this peyote plant near a sunken boat.
ChumashDive into the relatively shallow part of the water and look for corals and stones. I found this peyote plant near these corals.
Pacific Bluffs 1You can find this peyote plant near a large sandy area where there are big rocks as well.
Pacific Bluffs 2Near the country club, dive into the water and go to the deepest region where there are large rock formations. The peyote plant will be laying there on sea bed.
Del PerroDeep underwater near Del Perro Pier, you will find this plant beside a big rock.
Puerto Del Sol MarinaI found this one near Los Santos’ entrance resting between many underwater weeds.
Banning & Elysian IslandGo to the deepest region underwater to get this flora.
Cypress FlatsYou will see many rocks at the end of the Los Santos River. The peyote plant is sitting next to these rocks.
TerminalLook between the Terminal and the Elysian Island and you may find some debris overlooking two poles underwater. The peyote plant is resting here somewhere.
Elysian Island 1Look between Los Santos Naval Port and the Terminal and you will find it near some rubble.
Elysian Island 2Look around near the shore to find a shipwreck where nearby this peyote plant is resting.

I think having a video guide will make this exploration work more easy. Here it is:

These were the locations of all peyote plants in GTA 5. Below, I will try to answer some frequently asked questions about these edibles.


Do Peyote Plants Respawn

After you consume one, a peyote plant respawns after 24 hours of in-game time on its original location.

Why Can’t I Find Peyotes In GTA 5?

To find peyote plants, you need to be on the NextGen version of the game. You will probably not find them in pirated copies of the game as well.

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