GTA 5 Online: Fastest Ways To Make Money [Extensive Guide]

Here is an extensive guide on fastest ways to make money in GTA 5 online.

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Fastest ways to make money in GTA Online.
Key Takeaways
  • There are many fast ways to make money in GTA 5, such as taking part in robberies and story mode heists.
  • Money can also be earned on a large scale by completing encounter missions and by getting involved in assassination on a large scale.
  • By owning some small business hubs, such as nightclubs or acid labs, passive income can be gained on a large scale.
  • Getting a job as the bodyguard of the CEO of a company or a VIP can also be helpful in earning a high income, and it can also help to gain experience with the character in the game.

In GTA 5, money is all about living the Lavish Virtual Life. Cash allows you to enjoy various activities, such as buying vehicles, weapons, and properties. Earning more money will allow you to customize and upgrade your lifestyle. Read this guide thoroughly to learn more about the fastest way to make money in the Online mode of GTA 5.


Trevor robbing an armored cars in gta 5
Robbing an armored car in GTA 5

Doing robberies is the fastest way to make money in the online mode of GTA 5.


Stores are the easiest places for robberies. I prefer them because they regenerate cash very quickly.

  • Different stores can be easily robbed. Players should find an open store and keep the gun ready for defense.
  • Enter the store and, carefully observing the environment, kill the staff or shopkeeper if they resist.
  • I recommend using a silencer on your guns to prevent detection by the police.
  • Open the cash register with a slight attack on any equipment or with a gun. Grab the money and walk out of the shop, about three cars away.
  • Go back to the store; the money will be restored. Repeat the process again and again to earn a decent amount of money.
  • Make sure to use fast-running vehicles or helicopters, as they can make robbery easier.

Armored Trucks

  • Armored vehicles are a source of colossal amounts of money. These vehicles can be located on the map with a blue dot mark. These trucks are roaming around the city.
  • Attack the trucks by sticking a bomb to blow off the back gate. Hit the back gate with some other vehicle. It is better to kill the rider or the person in charge.
  • Players can also pen the back gates of trucks by shooting with guns in the middle of the gates.
  • You can make a considerable amount of money by robbing more and more trucks.


  • Robbing ATMs is another great way for players to earn large amounts of cash in the Online mode of GTA 5. Find the location and choose a specific time when few people are nearby.
  • Try not to gain the public’s attention while hacking the ATM. Stay alert and keep an eye on any potential witnesses.
  • A fast and reliable vehicle should be ready near the location for an effortless and quick escape. Stay calm for some time to avoid any attention.


Another best and fastest way to make money in the Online mode of GTA 5 is by doing heists. Heists can bring in a good amount of money. My two favorite heists are:

Snapshot of Diamond Casino Heist
Doing the Diamond Casino Heist
    1. The Pacific Standard Job: Players can gain considerable money if they successfully execute their plan of robbing the Pacific Standard Bank.
    2. The Diamond Casino Heists: Your target should be Robbing Diamond Casinos and Resorts. Players can become very rich if they succeed in robbery.
  • Planning with patience and selecting the right gang members or colleagues are the key features of planning a heist. Specific tasks should be assigned to all members, and time should also be decided.
  • During the heist, all the set objectives should be completed. Players should work as agreed with the gang members and help them achieve goals.
  • However, if the heist is successful, you and your gang members will get a specific amount of money. The amount earned from a heist can be invested in any other business to generate passive income.

Encounter Missions and Assassination:

mission reward after an encounter
Mission reward after an encounter

These are random missions that players come across while they explore the game world. These missions involve helping someone during a robbery or mobilizing stranded vehicles. You will get rewards or some other valuable items after completing these missions.

Encounter missions may not provide as much money as robberies or heists do, but they can become a constant source of income throughout the game.

Assassination missions involve killing or targeting people for specific reasons. These missions can reward a handsome amount of cash if carried out strategically in GTA Online.

Following are some assassination missions in GTA 5 that can help the players earn money:

  • The Hotel Assassination: You are supposed to kill a person, Isaac Penny, who is a corrupt hotel owner.
  • The Multi-Target Assassination: Players should be excellent shooters for this mission. In this mission, the player the player has to kill a judge, a lawyer, and a jury foreman.
  • The Vice Assassination: A corrupt politician, Jackson Skinner, is to be killed by the player, and disruption of his political plan is the main requirement.
  • The Company Assassination: In this, you have to target a corrupt owner of an evil company.

Business Ownership:

Running a Night Club is one of the best ways to make money in GTA 5 online
Purchasing a night club

The money you will earn from robberies, heists, and other missions can be invested into businesses for passive income in GTA 5.

  • Acid Lab Ownership:
    • Acid Lab Ownership in GTA 5 will help you achieve quick financial growth. It would be best to focus on stocks to gain massive profits from acid labs.
    • However, the stock of the product should always be ready for supply and restocked timely. Keep an eye on the worth of their product in the market.
    • Selling the products when market values are high can help players earn money. Invest in business for increased efficiency of business. Hire employees to expand business and also guards for protection.
  • Night Club Ownership:
    • Night Club Ownership is one of the most profitable businesses in GTA 5. Night clubs are not only a source of entertainment but can provide a strong base for other businesses, specifically illegal ones.
    • You can link businesses like Bunker, Cargo Ware House, Document Forgery Office, illegal sale of vehicles and weapons, and drug sales.
    • Such places can also be used for promotion purposes. Night clubs are a gateway to building your criminal empire in the game.
  • Other businesses:
    • Import-export and property ownership, both are helpful to earn active and passive income.


In GTA 5, becoming a bodyguard of some VIP or CEO, you can have a continuous source of income. Protecting and helping bosses with their tasks can make money. Being with some famous or successful person, you will get to know more about the business world, and through their experience as bodyguards, you will also be able to develop your character.

My Thoughts

GTA 5 is my absolute favorite, and while playing it for years now, I have explored almost every way of gathering cash. The ones I mentioned above are certainly the most handy, and I recommend mastering them to have a consistent flow of cash in GTA 5.

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