GTA 5: Where To Find A Fire Truck

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How to get a Fire Truck in GTA 5
Key Takeaways
  • In GTA 5 you can get a fire truck by stealing it from the fire station as it is spawn outside.
  • Or you can call 911 and select fire department, steal the truck when they arrive there.

A fire truck is not a fancy addition to your vehicle’s collection but you will need it to complete The Bureau Raid mission in GTA 5. Beside that, while it does not have many uses, you can still use it to do many fun activities in the game. I will share all the ways and locations from where you can get this vehicle in GTA 5.

Following are the two methods by which you can get a Fire Truck in GTA 5.

Stealing It From The Fire Station

The easiest way to get a fire truck is by stealing it from outside a fire station. The fire station is a well-guarded place. Similarly, stealing a fire truck immediately warrants a two-star wanted level. Therefore, I recommend being careful and not getting caught stealing it. Make sure your driving skills are on-par as you will be chased by the police as well.

Stealing truck from fire department
Los Santos Country Fire Department

The fire truck might not spawn in front of the fire station sometimes. If that’s the case, just wait somewhere else and return later to get it.

You can easily locate these Fire Stations as they are marked with a blue icon on the map. I have listed these locations below:

  1. Paleto Bay Fire Station: This one is also available in GTA San Andreas. You may also know it as Blaine County Fire Station 1. Move past the Sheriff’s office and you will find it on Paleto Boulevard.
  2. Davis Fire Station: You can find this one on Macdonald Street, Davis in Los Santos.
  3. Rockford Hills Fire Station: It is located at the crossroad of South Boulevard Del Perro and Rockford Drive.
  4. El Burro Heights Fire Station: You may also know it as Los Santos Fire Department Station 7. You can locate this one after passing the St. Fiacre Hospital at the crossroads of Capitol Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard.
  5. Fort Zancudo Fire Station: Located inside th Fort Zancudo military base, this one is dedicated only to the military operations inside the game and does not respond to civilian issues.
  6. Los Santos International Airport Fire Station: You can find it inside the airport.
  7. Sandy Shores Fire Station: Going on Alhambra Drive, you will find this fire station near Sandy Shores Medical Center.

Pro Tip: While doing the Bureau Raid mission, if you are followed by the police, lose your wanted level by hiding somewhere and safely deliver the Fire truck to the Garment Factory for The Bureau Raid mission in GTA 5.

By Calling 911 Fire Department

You can follow this method anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is:

Stealing truck
Stealing fire truck in GTA 5
  1. Take out your phone to make a call.
  2. Use the dial pad and enter 911.
  3. In emergency services, select the Fire Department.
  4. Now wait for firefighters to arrive in the current place.
  5. As soon as the firefighters arrive, you’ll distract them, Press theto get into the truck and take it away.
  6. Again, make sure to avoid the police.
  7. Besides, this you can also set up a fake scene such as setting up a car on fire as it will automatically attract the firefighters.


How Do You Get Fire Truck In GTA 5?

You can steal a fire truck from the fire station as it spawns outside or call 911 for an emergency and steal the truck as soon as they arrive.

How Do You Call A Fire Truck In GTA 5?

Take out your phone, open the keypad and dial 911, select the fire department. They will arrive at your current location, then you can steal the truck and take it away.

Where Can I Find A Fire Truck In GTA San?

You can find a fire truck in the building located on the east of the major highway intersection area in Commerce, Los Santos.

My Thoughts

As far as getting a fire truck, I find it easy to steal it from the fire department in GTA 5. However, dialing on the phone and using other lazy tactics works fine as well. If you have any queries, make sure to comment below. Don’t forget to read our other guides on:

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