GTA 5: Bank Locations On Map

Embark with us on the journey to find all locations of Banks marked on the Maps of GTA 5.

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GTA 5: All Bank Locations
Key Takeaways
  • GTA 5 features 21 banks scattered throughout its expensive map, offering players with opportunities to deposit savings or plan thrilling heists.
  • The banks in GTA 5 are based on real-life from the cities of Los Santos and California.
  • With multiple branches across different neighborhoods and unique characteristics, each bank adds depth and variety to the game.
  • Notable banks include Kayton Bank, Pacific Standard Bank, Union Depository Bank, Penris Bank, Maze Bank Tower, Blaine County Bank, Lombank West, and Fleeca Bank.

In GTA 5, just like in real life, banks are secure locations where you can deposit all your savings or plan thrilling heists to rob them. However, while playing the game, players spend most of their time locating their desired places on the map. This guide covers all the bank locations listed on the map of GTA 5.

By the way, an interesting fact that might intrigue you is that the banks from GTA 5 in the cities of California and Los Santos are real. Thus, it improves the gaming experience by adding a layer of authenticity.

All Bank Locations On Map In GTA 5

Here is a list of all Bank Locations in GTA 5.
Kayton BankMovie Star Way Little Seoul
Pacific Standard Public Deposit BankLos Santos, Vinewood Boulevard in Downtown Vinewood, Alta Street.

Maze Bank Tower
1) Pillbox Hill, Los Santos
2) Bay City Avenue in Del Perro
3) Marathon Avenue and Prosperity Street in Del Perro, Los Santos.
Union Depository BankDowntown Los Santos, 17 Power Street in Pillbox.
Penris Bank1) Rockford Hills
2) Swiss Street

Lombank West
1) Little Seoul Palomino Avenue
2) Vespucci Boulevard in Pillbox Hill
3) Rockford Hills Branch
4) Bay City Avenue
5) Vespucci Canals
Blaine County Savings Bank1) Paleto Bay Branch
2) Chumash Branch

Fleeca Bank
1) Pillbox Hill Branch
2) Rockford Hills Branch
3) Alta Branch
4) Burton Branch
5) Vespucci Canals Branch
6) Los Santos County Branch
7) Blaine County Branch

Kayton Bank

Banks in GTA 5
The Kayton Bank

Kayton Bank consists of three fifteen-storey buildings situated on San Andreas Avenue. However, this bank has only one branch on Vespucci Boulevard, Little Seoul Ginger Street.

Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank

Banks Located on Map of GTA 5
Pacific Standard Bank

Like Kayton Bank, Pacific Bank also consists of only one branch. This bank is located on Atla Street, Vinewood Boulevard, in Downtown Vinewood. However, this is the same bank where you executed the final part of your mission related to the Pacific Standard Heist.

Moreover, you can recognize its building by finding colourful banners hanging outside the entrance gate.

Union Depository Bank

Locations of Banks in GTA 5.
GTA 5: Union Depository Bank

For many players, the final heist of GTA 5 in Union Depository Bank is considered the best. However, you can find the iconic building of Union Depository Bank on 17th Power Street in Pillbox, Downtown Los Santos.

Penris Bank

Largest Skyscraper of Penris Bank.
Penris Bank

Compared to the other bank locations in GTA 5, Penris Bank is one of the least known and you might not be able to highlight it on map as well. However, Penris Bank has two branches, and the location of them is given below:

  • One of them is located on Swiss Street in Downtown Los Santos in front of the International Affairs Agency. Similarly, this building of Penris Bank is easily recognizable because of the giant eye logo on the roof of the building.
  • The other building of this bank is located on the Rockford Hills, Marathon Avenue.

Maze Bank Tower

Maze Bank
Maze Bank

For those who know Micheal’s story mode, Maze Tower is a familiar name, which shows he has an account in that bank. In GTA 5, the famous building of Maze Bank Tower consists of three branches.

  1. Pillbox Hill, Los Santos
    • Pillbox Hill’s branch is one of the highest buildings in Los Santos, which can be easily recognized by the red logo on the building. This bank can be found in Pillbox Hills on Vespucci Boulevard, Power Street.
  2. Bay City Avenue in Del Perro
    • You can find the second Maze Bank branch on Bay City Avenue in Del Perro.
  3. Prosperity Street, Marathon Avenue, Los Santos.
    • The third branch of Maze Bank is located on Prosperity Street on Marathon Avenue in Del Perro.

Blaine County Savings Bank

Blaine County Bank
Blaine County Bank

In GTA 5, two branches of Blaine Bank are conventionally located in the bustling city of Los Santos.

  • The first branch of the prestigious Blaine County Savings Bank is located in the heart of Paleto Bay, at the intersection of Cascable Avenue and Paleto Boulevard.
  • However, the second branch of this bank is located in Chamash Plaza on Route 1.

Lombank West

Lombank West Bank
Lombank West Bank

Lombank West Bank has five branches, two of which are significantly larger buildings and the other three smaller.

  • The West Branch of this bank is located on Bay City Avenue in Del Perro.
  • The prestigious Lombank Tower stands at the convergence of  Vespucci Boulevard in Power Street.
  • You’ll find the third branch of Lombank West located at the intersection of Mad Wayne Thunder Drive in Rockford Hills.
  • The fourth branch of this bank is located in Little Seoul, Ginger Street, San Andreas Avenue.
  • However, the fifth and last branch of Lombank West can be found in Vespucci Canals at Aguja Street.

Fleeca Bank

Depositories of GTA 5
Fleeca Bank

In GTA 5, Fleeca Bank has been divided into Seven Branches spread across the map.

  • The first branch of Fleeca Bank is a Phill Box Hill branch located at the crossway of Elgin Avenue.
  • In Rockford Hills, Fleeca Bank has a second branch located in Del Perro.
  • Discover another branch of Fleeca Bank in Alta, situated at the convergence of Hawick Avenue with Meteor Street.
  • The fourth branch of this bank is also on Hawick Avenue in the Burton area.
  • The fifth Fleeca Bank branch stands at Vespucci Canals on Palomino Avenue inside the Vespucci Mall.
  • Another branch of Fleeca Bank is on the Great Ocean Highway near Banham Canyon in Los Santos County. As a result of its appearance in Fleeca Heist, this branch is also considered a notable building.
  • This bank’s seventh and last branch is on Route 68 in Blaine County.

My Thoughts

These were all the available banks and their locations that you can find on the map in GTA 5. I hope this guide was helpful and you found whatever you were looking for. Don’t forget to comment on your thoughts, suggestions, or criticism below. While you are here, don’t forget to read our other guides on:

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