GTA 5: All Snowmen Locations [2023-2024]

Dive into the Festive Surprise in GTA 5 for a frosty challenge and crush all snowmen's to get an epic outfit

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All Snowmen locations in GTA 5

Get ready to embrace the epic holiday surprise in GTA 5 because Rockstar Games has a special treat for the players. Snowmen make a dazzling comeback in the Winter 2023 Festive Surprise in GTA 5. To make it easy for you, I have located all 25 Snowmen locations in GTA 5 after their addition to the game in December 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2023 Winter Festive of GTA 5 added 25 snowmen locations throughout GTA 5’s map.
  • Finding them all will reward you with 5000 cash each and a classy snowman outfit.
  • You can discover these snowmen lining roadsides and scattered throughout the vibrant landscapes of Los Santos and Blaine County Homes.

Snowmen initially appeared in the Los Santos Drug War Update as a part of the thrilling 2022 Festive Surprise. You can find those snowmen scattered around the map of GTA 5.

For rewards, you can destroy them with explosives and weapons. I used cars as they saved me a lot of time and I’d recommend you to do so as well.

List Of All Snowmen Locations

There are 25 locations of snowmen listed in GTA 5 in the year 2023. As you drive around to find Snowmen in Los Santos or Blaine County, remember that Snowmen are seldom found near the road. They’re usually in yards or near buildings. However, some might be hidden in backyards, so check around buildings and even in fenced yards. Also, look for them in the parks and playgrounds.

In my experience, you don’t have to do any particular stunts to find them; just be observant and keep looking for them until you find your desired Snowman outfit, which is one of the coolest outfits in GTA 5. To make it easier for you, here are their locations on the map.

Mirror Park [East Mirror Drive]

Look for this snowman in front of a house on East Mirror Drive.

Mirror park location
Mirror park location

El Burro Heights

You can find it in front of a safehouse on 12 Sustancia Road.

El Burro Heights location
El Burro Heights location

Legion Square

Find this snowman at Legion Square in Downtown Los Santos. Iff you look for it on the map, you will find it in the middle of Rockstar’s Icon and Community Series, represented by a Star.

legion square location
Legion Square location

Broker Park

This snowman is near a fountain in Broker Park, East Vinewood.

Mirror park is one of the 25 snowmen locations in GTA 5 2023
Broker Park location


Find this collectible at Hawick in the center of the houses on Spanish Avenue directly across from Los Santos Harmony Wellness Center.

Hawick location
Hawick location

Chamberlain Hills

This collectible sits behind an Ecola Vending Machine inside the BJ Smith Recreational Centre in Chamberlain Hills.

Chamberlain hills locations of snowmen in GTA 5 2023 update
Chamberlain hills location

Vespucci Canals [Gomma Street]

This one is near bushes on Gomma Street, across the street from Marlines Cafe.

Goma street location
Goma street location

Vespucci Canals [Decker Park]

You can find this on a half-pipe skateboarding terrain in Deckars Park Vespucci Canals.

Vespucci Canals Skatepark location
Vespucci Canals’ second snowman location is near Skatepark.

Vinewood Hills [Dog Excercise Park]

One of the snowmen locations can be found in a Dog Excercise Park in front of a tree right next to a playground in Vinewood Hills.

Dog exercise park
Dog exercise park location

North Rockford Drive

This is one of the easiest snowmen locations in front of a house in Vinewood Hills, North Rockford Drive.

Vinewood hills location
North Rockford location

Micheal’s House

As a GTA 5 enthusiast, you should already know Micheal De Santa. Therefore, one of the snowmen locations can be found in front of a tree at De Santa’s residence right next to a playground.

Michael's house
Michael’s house location

Galileo Observatory

In Vinewood Hills, you will find this snowman location in front of a Galileo Observatory.

Galileo Observatory location
Galileo Observatory location

Great Ocean Highway

One of the snowmen locations can be found in the backyard of a house on Great Ocean Highway.

Great Ocean Highway
Great Ocean Highway location

Tongva Valley

Find this collectible near the intersection of Tongva Drive and Zancudo Road in Tongva Valley.

Tongva Valley location
Tongva Valley location

Banham Canyon

Encounter this snowman location on Banham Canyon Drive in the backyard of a house.

Banham Canyon location
Banham Canyon location

Grand Senora Desert

One of the snowmen locations can be easily found near Joshua Road in front of a house in the Grand Senora Desert.

Grand Senora desert
Grand Senora desert location

Cherry Pie Farm

This snowman’s location on Joshua Road is in front of a house near a Cherry Pie farm.

Grand Senora Desert second locations of snowmen in GTA 5 2023
Cherry Pie farm location

Martin Madrazo’s Lock-up

Another snowman location is in front of a shabby house at Martin Madrazo’s Lock-up.

martin madrazo lock up location
Martin Madrazo lock up location

Senora Desert Trailer Park

One of the snowmen locations sits near a trailer in Senora Desert Park near RON Alternates Wind Farm.

Ron Alternates Wind Farms location
Ron Alternates Wind Farms location

Sandy Shores

Locate this snowman near Trevor Philips Trailer in Sandy Shores.

Sandy Shores location
Sandy Shores location

Grapeseed Main Street

Find other hidden snowmen in front of a house on Grapeseed Main Street.

Grapeseed location
Grapeseed location

El Gordo Light House

Locate other hidden snowmen seated in front of Ursula’s house in El Gordo Light House.

Mount Gordo location
Mount Gordo location

Procopio Beach

Unearth another snowmen location next to the sign at the Up-n-Atom Dinner on Mount Chillad at Procopio Beach.

Mount Chiliad location
Mount Chiliad location

Paleto Boulevard

Encounter another snowman location in the backyard of the house on Paleto Bay.

Paleto Bay location of one of the 25 snowmen locations in GTA 5
Paleto Bay location

Mount Chiliad

Discover the last snowmen location on the East side of Sonar Collection Dock on the Mount Chillad Wilderness near Great Ocean Highway.

Chiliad Mountain state wilderness location
Chiliad Mountain state wilderness location


  • By destroying every snowman, you will receive $5000 for each snowman, $125,000 for all, so this is one of the fastest methods of making money in GTA 5.
  • You will also receive a Classy Snowmen Outfit, instantly enhancing your look and transforming you into an ultimate snowman smasher.

Concluding Thoughts

These were all the snowmen locations on the map of GTA 5 after they were added in Winter 2023 Festive Surprise. Following the locations that I have shared in the photos above will make your work very easy. Don’t forget to leave your reviews below!

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